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I aspire to do better,Thus i ask for my work to be reviewed, i don't use no big fancy words cause i'm a edumacated redneck, so hope you enjoys what'cha sees or reads...




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I like to write, plain an simple. Besides writing, I'm a Gamer/Anime Freak. I have a Dog named Houdini-(HOUNDINI) Shes a sweety, But an escape artist. She was my brothers dog, but He gave her to me. Online wise I play few main games. OviPets is one, names SoulAxe. I play others but hardly hope on. My real world friend on there is WhiteLilies, She on here but not really anymore. So look her up too. If ya see us give a shout out. She's my BBF. So I guess thats about it~

My other Account~:iconscythesno:

Unless you wanna Axe me a question?
Where to start? It's been awhile since I wrote a Journal, So this one is gonna have lost of stuff I wanna say, cause I'm tell anyone who reads this my plans for the future. SO I'm going to Plan stuff, but they can change. So if this gets boring, my bad....

So to start with-

DA Account~
NO I'm not leaving, DA has/is my verison of FaceBook(who I hate). I've meet great people.


Just to name a few, There is more, Sorry Guys, Can't name them all. For whatever reason, RPing/Collaborating/Simply Talking/Even People I know Personally, I've meet them, Thanks Guys.
It's been 7 years since I started this account, I've been on DA a lot longer, back when I was bout 11 or 12 or so. So it's been really great. I started it just to Fav stuff, but then 6th Grade I got the urge to Write, to be an Author, an after creating this account started posting stuff, Which I an't done in awhile. More on that later. Thus started my passion for reading Fanfiction/Writeing FanFiction, an compared to someone else's work, I feel so lame. Like my works never gonna be that good. Add that with a compulsion of redoing things all the time... Let's just say I'm hardly satisfied with my work, Or I feel its half-ass. I've practiced, an fixed a lot of spelling/grammer/etc, habits of mine, an from there I know my work can only improve. But more on that later...

~News Wise~

I now have a Job. It's something I enjoy, an makes me happy so it doesn't feel like a Job-'Job'. I'm a Kennel Attendant. I stand in the corner of the Kennels offering said Dogz, as they are taken in or brought out by Adopters, Dog Bones an Spray there Tails with 'Wild Scented Spray', So other Dogz think they smell good.

HeeHee:lmao: If you didn't find that funny then you have no since of humor or I tell really bad Jokes.

In all seriousness, most people(like my arse hole of a brother), believe I'm a gloried/fancy Janitor. No. I clean, yes. But it's Kennels I clean. I do sweep an mop, but thats so the Puppies/Kittens/Cats/Dogs don't get sick or spread the sickness around. There's a lot more to it. SO no I'm not a Janitor. When I'm on the clock I can't be on DA/Games/Writeing/Reading as much. When I go on break I hop on but not for long. Working 5 days a week, 7 Am to 3 Pm, Sometimes having to work over. 

I'm busy on my days off too. I go to College now, early in the mornings 8 Am ~ 9:20 Am. Only one class, as not to overwork myself. I drive(like a bat outta hell) of course. 

I thinks thats all the important news with my life like that, I'll update if I forgot something.

~Stories Wise~

As for anything I'm planning/am writing. I've been really lazy. I plan on picking it back up. 

So I'ma list and try to summerize~

For Characters X Original Characters

Aion-Is a MMORPG, I have an idea but no real plot
APB:Reloaded-Is a MMORPG,Again an idea but no real plot
Attack On Titain-Jean x Ore(OC), All you need to know is that how in the hell can Jean be saved if his a horse and a man?
Avatar(Either)-Zuko/Bolin X ??? No OC yet, NO plot really either
Beyblade-Kai X ??? Nothing Yet
Black Butler-Undertaker/Pluto X Venus(OC)-Sebastian X ???(OC(forgot her name) 
Bleach-Toshiro/Grimmjow X (Forgot OC's names) you could expect hollow an soul action >;3
Call of Duty-Woods/Dempsy X ???, No OC and most likly be a couple oneshots
Candy Love-Lysander/Castiel X Vegas/Naomi, Is an in game browser where you flirt with boys, really fun
Desert Punk-to funny not to
D.Gray-Man-Lavi/Kanda X Suka/??? NO plot really
D.N.Angel-gotta rethink this one
DMC-Dante X OC, most likely it will be oneshots or Reader Insert
Digimon-really no idea but I wanna do one
Don't Starve-Wilson X ???, I got in DS an have a great idea, so far havent seen it yet
DragonBall Z-an idea but dont think it will work out
Dragon Age-Zevran X Shihra(OC) everytime
Dragon's Dogma-Julien X Alexandra(OC) and her army of Pawns, Join today
Ensalved: Odyssey to the West-Monkey X Snow(OC) Maybe after Pyramid 
FallOut-Charon X Genevieve(OC)-Gonna cover Wasteland, Mojave, and Boston eventually(can't wait)
Fairy Tail-Laxus/Gray/Lucy X Corneila/???/Ortyx, how do they do it?
Final Fantasy VII/7-Vincent/Cloud/Zack/Genesis X Piper/Athelinda/Roxanna/Valasca(OCs) 2 different stories, 2 different sets of characters, who has ShinRa not screwed over/messed up
FullMetal Alchemist-Edward X Dusk(OC)Will change her name) I now hate $#@%^&*!@#$
Five Nights at Freddy's-Had an Idea before but now I'm just confused
Hakuouki-Hijikata/Harada X Teshyya/???(name changeing) Love the story, I know it was History based, but they could have made it a little different, so we're going to change it
Harvest Moon-Kurt/Cam/Nadi/Neil/Vaughn/Skye/Gale X Ivory(OC) Who doesn't like HM?
Inuyasha-Sesshomaru/Koga X ???/???(OC) no plot really, but few ideas
Jormungand-Lutz/Jonah X Sage/Sayma, Its a really GOOD Anime
K-Red King, New to series and don't understand NOTHING!!!!
Kingdom Hearts-Axel, I don't have to like it to like any characters
Legend of Zelda-Link, always been a fan of the series 
Magi-SinBad X Yasmin(OC), Its SinBad
MineCraft-Steve X OC, Just wanna show the guy some love, he never seems to get a break
Naruto-Kakashi/Gaara/Neji/Kiba X Sayoko/Sakuya/???, Sasuke is in there, but his a no go
Okami- Oki X OC, I ship-ity/ship-ship/ship Okami X Ammy, but I like Okie too >;3
One Piece-Zoro/Kid X Orabella(OC),  I'm torn between these two an maybe more, but these Guys I favor more
Pokemon-Paul/Silver X Sawyer/Blossom(OC), Pokemon was unexpected
Rurouni Kenshin- Kenshin X Yin(OC), Yea I don't really like Kaoru, shes funny an great for comedy, but just no...
Saints Row(4th)- Matt(y) X ???, I started with 4, an haven't played any other,so it would be after I played the others
Skyrim-Farkas/Ghorbash/Scouts/Halbarn/Kharjo X 5 OC's, yes five different ones, only one is DB, others arnt so thats cool
TMNT-Yea gets me in the feels from Childhood
X-Men-Gambit/Logan, at a stand still
Yu-Gi-Oh-Yusei/Crow X ???/???, they never really touch on romance an only focus on saving the world
Yu Yu Hakusho-Kurama/Hiei X Kalypso/???(OC), one of the older ones I've wanted to do

Of course there will be one shots, so on.

~Misc News~

Can't wait for Fallout 4!!

But I guess thats all for now.

Wolf~Pup31 Out
  • Listening to: Playlist on YouTube
  • Playing: Story of Seasons
  • Drinking: Mt.Dew-Code Red


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